Little Caesar

I was sucking face on the dancefloor with a guy with teenage pizza face and a straight bang Caesar haircut.  It was the first night with our fake IDs, and much to our disappointment, they didn’t even bother to card. We ordered rookie blender drinks and Jäger shots.  Little Caesar made his move.  He wore … More Little Caesar

Not Church Tongue

With no potluck, no desk sex, and rum running out, Peter and I decided it was time to go.  We were going to meet Austin and Shelly at Taco Shore.  The Congressman’s Androgynous Female Receptionist had been unsuccessfully flirting with Mustached Mortuary Man and invited themselves along.  We abruptly exited the party, leaving the poor Puerto Ricans … More Not Church Tongue

Dignitary Visits

My friend Austin was driving in after the Puerto Rico party with his girlfriend Shelly to stay with me the weekend. I was surprised that he was visiting.  The last time was during the Fourth of July and Callie and I ditched him at our favorite Irish pub when they wouldn’t let him in.  He … More Dignitary Visits


My roommate Michelle and I had been picked up on the Metro within days of each other.  Her relationship bloomed.  Mine wilted. This guy and I had been eyeing each other the entire ride.  We got off at the same stop at Woodley Park and awkwardly walked next to each other. Now, this next memory … More Maybe-Brad?