Ronrico Suave

I never spent a ton of one-on-one with my Dad growing up, so I was nervous about his visit.  I shouldn’t have been.  When it comes to my father, I didn’t fall far from the tree. Our behavior swings between the proper and the uninhibited; a strange mix of prudishness and bacchanalia. We dressed up … More Ronrico Suave


I was going to need help.  Peter was out of town again, and I didn’t feel like collaborating with (or even seeing) Putty.  Luckily Michelle was around to help me come up with a lie so my Dad wouldn’t recognize a third-degree love burn on my chin. He arrived early afternoon and was mortified that … More Ronrico

Putty In My Hands

A couple weeks later someone organized an all-class outing to Georgetown. Per usual, drinks, yadda yadda, dancing, yadda yadda, flirting with Putty, yadda yadda. But this night was different.  He seemed into me. When the possibility of hooking up is in the air somehow the conversation always turns to how boring the night had become … More Putty In My Hands