Putty In My Hands

A couple weeks later someone organized an all-class outing to Georgetown. Per usual, drinks, yadda yadda, dancing, yadda yadda, flirting with Putty, yadda yadda. But this night was different.  He seemed into me. When the possibility of hooking up is in the air somehow the conversation always turns to how boring the night had become … More Putty In My Hands

Lesson Learned: You Piss Everyone Off by Inviting the Class A-hole

As the semester wore on, so did my patience with Putty.  I wasn’t used to not getting my way, much less not getting a man.  Meanwhile, because no one else in D.C. (on the program or not) liked him, he made sure to stay on my good side. I joke that no one liked Putty.  … More Lesson Learned: You Piss Everyone Off by Inviting the Class A-hole

A Historic Evening

Luckily Peter was my knight in shining tour guide.  One beautiful evening he said he was going to show me “his” D.C.  He was sporting a brand new mustache and goatee; one that would stay and make him ‘Meet the Press’ host Chuck Todd’s doppelganger the rest of the semester. Peter drove down past the … More A Historic Evening

Slop Bucket List

While I had been to the big D.C. exhibits on previous trips, I had a bucket list I wanted to experience or re-experience while I was living there.  Smithsonian, monuments, museums; I was going to do it all.  Unfortunately, I made the mistake of starting with the National Archives. The National Archives’ rotunda houses “The … More Slop Bucket List

Monumental Flub & Love

The National Parks Service has created some big flubs.  The first is, of course, the Washington Monument; because when you think of the father of our country, you immediately imagine a giant phallic obelisk. I think he would have preferred a cherry tree planted in his honor.  Or mounted wooden teeth with the engraving “Leader … More Monumental Flub & Love