Oscar Week 2018 Continues: Monica’s Most Wanted 3 (Movies She Probably Wanted to See 20 years ago but Couldn’t Because She Was in Hiding)

What Dreams May Come:  Saw it at the historic Uptown Theater, which was walking distance from our apartments.  One of Peter’s roommates declared during movie postmortem cocktails that Robin Williams would be walking out of the Academy Awards with his arms full of Oscars.

Unfortunately, if Williams was trying to re-create the dramatic magic of Dead Poets Society or Good Will Hunting he should have stuck with a movie with three words in the title, not four.

Mulan:  I’m surprised I convinced Peter to see a Disney princess movie.  And yes, I know Mulan isn’t a princess but she’s considered one in the Disney lexicon so shut it before I go all Mulan on you.

One True Thing:  Saw it at the movie theater in the basement of Union Station.  Meryl Streep dying of cancer.  Renée Zellweger as the daughter summoned to take care of her.  Understanding and forgiveness.  Quilting.  Hospice.  Sylvia Plath reference I understood. Take that Mr. Not Well-Read.

Pleasantville: a thinly veiled critique of racial discrimination.  Peter felt the need to point that out during post-mortem ice cream.  Duh.  Yeah.  I.  I knew that…

Can’t Hardly Wait:  One of my all-time favorites.  Peter said that the movie was written and directed by John Hughes because he felt our generation didn’t have a good “teen” movie of our own.

I can see how you could mistake it for a Hughes movie. Unfortunately, Peter lied outright about its origins, so his credibility in regard to this movie is shot.

I kept “Only You” by Yaz on repeat after seeing the final scene where Ethan Embry races through the train station with the song playing and kisses Jennifer Love Hewitt.

I sat next to Jennifer Love Hewitt at The Ivy in Los Angeles.  She liked my toddler’s red bucket hat and was exceptionally friendly.  I was surprised to see she had crow’s feet.

And yes, I said The Ivy.

I’m a star-f*cker and if I have the means and the time, I’m going to haul a two-year-old to an overpriced brunch so I can also say I saw the host of “Fear Factor” and Connie Britton’s hair.

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