A Crime Against Good Etiquette


I love Town & Country.

On Mother’s Day, while my husband made it feel like I had house help, I read all about $3,000 Oscar de la Renta caftans in its pretty shiny pages.

There was an entire article on how hard it has been for socialities to make people believe that they are skinny only by nature.


Exercise and diet are dirty words in their PR nightmare.

This magazine and it’s contents are my guilty pleasure.

Why is it guilty?

Because, at its core, T&C’s lifestyle magazine is nothing but a beautiful middle finger to the 99%.

It’s tacky.  It’s elitist.  It’s outdated.

But they legitimate themselves and their importance with their philanthropy – the latest has been hosting annual summits, but they’ve been patting themselves on the back for years for covering galas and benefits.  Promoting the good deeds of trust fund babies and celebrities.

And that’s cool.  No one can argue against charitable giving or raising awareness.

But by proclaiming themselves the philanthropy experts, they have to be worthy of it.

And it appears that their fitness to hold the philanthropy throne is now called into question.

Monica Lewinsky’s treatment by T&C was chronicled in Vanity Fair: What We All Can Learn from My Disinvitation Debacle.

Lady Monica has really come into her own as the reluctant hero in this continuing saga.  It’s astounding that she still has to remind us that she’s the victim.

T&C took an event that was supposed to shed light on victim shaming and darkened it further.

May I suggest an article for T&C’s etiquette columnist?

“Lessons About Social Change We Can All Learn from Monica Lewinsky”

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