No Pride Part 2: Urine Luck!

The gay pride parade ended at Pennsylvania Avenue and Callie, Kate and I decided to follow the crowd to the finish.  Along the way, we ran into a gaunt woman who was so high she barely could walk or talk.

She stopped me and slurred something about a dime.

“I’m a dime?  Oh, thank you.”

I thought she was calling me a perfect 10.

“No!  Dime!”

“Dime bag?  Oh, no ma’am.  I’m afraid I don’t have any pot.”

She shook her head.  “Ten cents.”  She wanted ten cents to “wash her body.”

To illustrate the point, she rubbed her hands all over her chest.   She slurred it on repeat.

“I need to wash my body.”

The woman was lucky that Kate was fluent in ‘High as a Kite.’

Kate explained that the woman said there was a hotel that will let her use their shower for ten cents.

I think it was more plausible that the woman would pay to have someone to pee on her.

I wasn’t getting my wallet out.  That was unsafe!  Who knows what this woman who can barely hold her own body weight could do to me!

Kate gave the woman all of her change.  The woman was very grateful for the coinage and rode off in search of the mythical ten-cent shower.


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