Mustached Mortuary Man’s Co-Workers

There were other members of The Congressman’s permanent office staff.

The Congressman had a personal secretary and a separate receptionist who fielded calls; at that time most from constituents weighing in on the upcoming impeachment vote.

The Congressman’s Chief of Staff, whom we almost never saw and always holed up in his office.  He was The Congressman’s long-time advisor but quit years earlier when The Congressman married his second wife.   Allegedly, she was an absolute b!tch.

He returned to work only after the divorce papers were signed.

Sandwiched between the Things were the constituent liaisons.  They got punted the real crap no one wants to deal with.  They would help with visas, hear complaints about landlords, or correspond with the crazy people.

Two of the strangest crazies would write The Congressman what they ate that day and another what episode of Star Trek they were going to re-watch on TV that night.

Actually, now that I write that it sounds an awful lot like what Facebook is today.

When Peter and I went full-time, we were introduced to a new permanent hire.  And Archie was forced to share an office with him.

Mustached Mortuary Man was a pale mustached fellow who was just hired, the best Peter and I could figure, write condolence letters to the families of constituents who had died.

That and to annoy Archie.

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