Mustached Mortuary Man’s Living Situation

Mustached Mortuary Man wasn’t just Archie’s office mate.

When Peter and I went to Archie’s to watch the infamous Jeopardy tapes, the apartment was so dark it took us a second to notice the shadowy figure in the kitchenette.

Why was Mustached Mortuary Man there?

Did sharing an office with Archie finally make him snap?

Was he there to kill him?

Was he going to tie Peter and me up and do strange mustache Necrophilia things to us?

Archie rented a bat cave in his apartment to Mustached Mortuary Man right before he started working.  Well, color us surprised.

It actually made more sense that Mustached Mortuary Man lived there.  Basement apartments on the Hill used to be much less expensive, and young staffers often decide that they would rather have beer money than experience natural sunlight.

It was perfect for his vampire vibe.

Now, only if you work in the private sector can you afford anything in the city limits.

I asked a friend in D.C. where all the staffers live now.

“Staffers don’t live in the city anymore, they all live in sad little filing cabinets (over the river) in Rosslyn (Virginia)”.

That sucks for Mustached Mortuary Man.  He was hired years before he could have gotten to sleep in a coffin.


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