Overshadowed Part I: Guilty By Association


One of the “perks” of being an intern for The Congressman was getting to shadow him for a day.

This sounded awful.  I tried to get out of it.  When Archie wouldn’t let me, I tried convincing him to let Peter, and I do it together.

“After all, that way The Congressman only has to do one shadow day instead of two…”

Sound logic fell on deaf ears.

I was surprised Archie insisted.  He was kind of “off” on the whole shadowing idea because he was still royally pissed off about what happened the previous summer.

A shadow day happened to fall the same day a reporter was scheduled to follow The Congressman around.

Unfortunately, the reporter decided on a different angle and focused on the intern instead of The Congressman.

The multi-page spread detailed where she lived, her part-time job at an ice-cream store, her future plans.  The only picture of The Congressman was him standing next to the intern.  It was not the in-depth depiction of The Congressman that Archie and The Congressman had expected.

I’m surprised they didn’t cancel the shadowing program right then and there.

After I stumbled on a copy of the article, I made the mistake of telling Archie the intern was a friend of mine from high school.

Archie told me about the reporter’s treachery, stormed off and didn’t talk to me the rest of the day.

Apparently, I was guilty by association.

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