Overshadowed Part II: The Fashion of Politics

The Congressman started his day way earlier than when our hung-over butts usually slid in, so I had to get up extra early and take the Metro to the Capitol by myself.

I wore a dark blue and white checkered dress with capped sleeves.  Because one of my many fears facing the day was falling down during an important moment or an important person, I wore sensible dark blue kitten heels.

I stole a wide headband from Callie that was the exact blue and white check as my dress. I flipped my hair out on the ends and thought I looked like Jackie Kennedy.

I didn’t.

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Another Jackie Kennedy Fail


I walked into the office to an irate Archie.

“The Congressman already left!  You can’t expect him to wait for you!”  He shoved The Congressman’s schedule into my hands.

“Here, so when he tries to lose you, you know where to meet up with him next.”

What the….?  Tries to lose me?  Archie shoved me out the door.

It was a beautiful clear D.C. day, and The Congressman was mugging for the cameras on the Capitol steps with all the other members of Congress.

I might be wrong, but it seems to me that they take this same picture a lot.  When they do, the congresswomen usually wear red suits.

After the picture, in the sea of grey, black, dark blue and few red suits, I lost The Congressman.  I was frantic.  Where was he?

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