Overshadowed Part V: Multitasking Multiple Faces of Evil

Politicians are masters at multitasking.  They have to be.  What other job are you asked daily to speak eloquently, exude confidence, and study, advocate, and argue consistently on every issue, all while looking pretty?

The Congressman’s attention turned 180 from an individual constituent concern to global panic.

The pressing issue for the international community that day was Slobodan Milošević and the refugees fleeing his reign of terror.  I accompanied The Congressman to a meeting where they had a picture of Milošević so large it could rival L. Ron Hubbard’s portrait in a Scientology sanctuary.

That picture couldn’t have been a good use of taxpayer dollars.  Was it specifically for this meeting?  Did every meeting about Kosovo get to use it?  Did someone have to sign it out from a prop room?

If the picture wasn’t returned on time was there a late fee?  After the crisis, what did they do with it?  I imagine it sitting on the Capitol lawn during a garage sale.

The briefing was frightening.  Refugees were heading toward the mountains and it would soon be winter.  They needed help or they would die.  It was factual, non-partisan reporting.  Something I was not used to hearing.

The meeting concluded with smiles and handshakes.  What!?  That’s it?  Where was the outrage?  The debate?  The epic moment in the movie Dave where someone re-arranges the budget so there would be enough money to go in and drop disposable hand warmers from the sky!

Unfortunately, The Congressman had bigger things on his mind.

He was late for his lunch with Kathie Lee Gifford.

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