Capitol Steps and Missteps: My Mild, Probable Ride

dc night

“Seriously.  Next time don’t hail a cab unless you know where you are going.”  The cabbie was mad at me.

Why was he complaining?  Don’t extra miles mean a higher fare?

I had forgotten where in Eastern Market Reporter lived, and getting a lecture from the cabbie did nothing to help.  Finally, I recognized Reporter’s jeep.

Reporter’s roommates, Tweedle Dee, and Tweedle Dumb were there.

One was forgettable and maybe blonde and the other a meathead who went to college with Reporter and hit on me in a bar, forgetting he had seen me with his roommate several times.

(Side note: Meathead invited me to a party at their place while Reporter was away.  I went and brought Callie so I could show her the teacup in his bedroom.)

The Tweedles were writing a letter to Santa Claus updating their wish list to include a Furby, Reporter suggested a walk since it was an unseasonably warm day in November.

The sun was already down as we strolled toward Capitol Hill.

Reporter was looking boyish in a faded white college baseball hat.  I was pleased he had returned to his former self; a few nights earlier I introduced him to Peter at Taco Shore, and he arrived wearing black leather pants.

I got my tight pants…

Not surprisingly, those leather pants quickly joined the cadre in Peter’s “Tracey has bad taste in men” saga.

We dead-ended at the west front of the Capitol and parked ourselves on its icy marble steps overlooking the West Front Fountain.  Most tourists don’t take in the city at night.  This is such a shame.  Monumenting after dark is magical.

Then again, I might be the only person turned on by all things included in the Architect of the Capitol’s yearly budget.

Understandably, snogging eventually commenced, and due to the limited nature of our public location, we decided to return back to the townhouse, give the Tweedles a rattle to play with and battle for, and go to bed.

There is one other couple who found the Capitol steps equally as romantic.  Congressman John Jenrette’s ex-wife went public with her infamous tale about having sex on the Capitol steps with her husband while Congress was in session.

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