Overshadowed VIII: Blocked

We were approaching late afternoon, and an emergency joint meeting about Kosovo was called.

Finally!  Now I was going to see some action!

By this point in the day, I had gotten pretty good about sticking to The Congressman like glue.  He wasn’t going to lose me!

We made our way through the marble halls to one of the smaller conference rooms near the main rotunda.  The Congressman pushed his way through the crowds and into the meeting, me one step behind him.

A split second later I was lifted off the ground by a security guard, my legs still moving looking like the Road Runner cartoon.

The Congressman got smaller and smaller in the distance.

The Wile E. Coyote who caught me put me down.  I started to stammer that I was with The Congressman, and the guy just smiled and nodded his head.

“Yeah, I get it.  You aren’t allowed in.”

“But, but I’m supposed…”

“Nope.  You can’t go in.”

Damn it.  The Congressman finally lost me.

If The Congressman cared I was around, I might have hung out outside the meeting for him to come out.  But since he didn’t, I decided it was close enough for quitting time.

I had been ready for happy hour since seven that morning.

A week or so later Peter had his shadow day.  He had a great day and got a compliment from The Congressman,

“Hey – you’re still here?  The other interns always get lost…”

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