Dignitary Visits

My friend Austin was driving in after the Puerto Rico party with his girlfriend Shelly to stay with me the weekend.

I was surprised that he was visiting.  The last time was during the Fourth of July and Callie and I ditched him at our favorite Irish pub when they wouldn’t let him in.  He rode the Metro back and hung out at our apartment alone. I was quite the hostess.

I tried to make it up to Austin the next summer by visiting him while he was studying abroad at the London School of Economics.  Interesting side note, alumnae included Lady Monica.

I heard on the London bus tour that Hillary “No, really.  I’m a New Yorker” Rodham also attended.  A “fortuitously, never there at the same time” joke commenced.  Clearly, the tour guide needed some new material.

I’ve never found any evidence that Hillary matriculated at LSE.  Or even gave a speech.

Of course, we also went to Madame Tussauds.  I asked Austin to take my picture in front of B!ow-job Bill.  The next thing I knew, I faced the glare of the cameras.


Tons of tourists who visited that day in 1999 have pictures of a Monica Lewinsky look-alike standing in front of a wax statue of Bill Clinton.  She may or may not have posed on her knees for some of them.

I was a little more respectful in front of Ronnie.




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