Bitten & Burned by Love

I woke up the morning after my one-nighter with Putty with the world’s worst chin burn.  In the throes of drunken passion, Putty’s 11-pm shadow ripped up my face.

The pin-thin deep red lines were raw and sticky with (hopefully, only) pus.

Until chin burn, I thought hickeys were the only Scarlet Letter that signaled what you were up to the night before.

I had to wear my hair down for my junior prom because I had four on my neck (not from my prom date by the way).  My mom was furious the gentleman had “marked his territory.”

I was thrilled she directed her anger and disappointment at him and not me.

I spent years trying different DIY hickey remedies.

The least successful? Visine Eye Drops.  I had even ponied up for the extra-strength.

My go-to solution?  Black, ribbed turtlenecks.  This worked well since Burr College has snow 11/12 months of the year.

But this was my chin.  There was no way of covering it up, and the timing couldn’t have been worse.

My Dad was coming to visit.

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