The Brooks Brothers’ b*tch hired me as a stock boy.

And it only took me three days of working there to realize it.

A couple of weeks before I moved in with Callie, I flew to D.C. to find a summer job. I had pre-arranged an interview with Brooks Brothers for a sales position, but the manager I had spoken with had left and hadn’t told this new one I was coming.

Luckily the new one agreed to see me and was thrilled I was there.  She hired me on the spot, no questions asked.  Of course, she wouldn’t let me leave until she mentioned the Monica thing.

I arrived the first day and sent to the basement. Ok, I’ll watch some sort of training video. Nope, the manager showed me some boxes and started telling me how her favorite summer job was stocking nail polish. I still hadn’t gotten the hint.

She asked me to unload the button downs and make sure to put them on hangers. Well, I had done that when I worked at the Brooks Brothers’ outlet back home, so this didn’t seem too strange. That is until the second day and the third day, and then it hit me. I was a stock boy.

Instead of a polo player, Brooks Brothers’ logo is a Golden Fleece. It’s a sheep hanging by a noose made out of frilly ribbon. It is perversely appropriate that is their logo, seeing as how fleece is also an informal verb that means overcharging or to deceive.

It seemed that in addition to their customers, I too had just been fleeced.

At this point, I didn’t feel I could say anything since I had already been doing the job for a while. So, I sucked it up.  Plus, I was usually too hung-over to look for anything better.


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