Bueller? Bueller?

Once I was kicked out of my summer apartment, I moved into the dorms waiting for the term to begin.

The Semester in Washington D.C. program was really a junior year abroad for politicos who didn’t want to leave the country.  A Burr College government professor would direct the program.  There were 20 of us.

We were graded in four parts:

1) Pass/Fail on full-time internships in a Congressional office for the first half of the term, and in an executive agency or non-governmental organization for the second.

2) Seminar Class that met on Wednesday mornings in one of the first-floor classrooms. Students were still expected to return to our internships in the afternoon.

Maybe some did, which of course did not include Peter or me.

3) Thursday night seminar after a full day of work, but before a full night of going out. To get through it I would arrive with a glass full of ice and vodka that looked like water.

I don’t think I was the only one doing this.

4) A term paper integrating our internship experience and on-site research with the term’s academic theme of civil society.

Looking back, it was completely hypocritical to submit a paper on detriments to civic virtue with one hand and having a highball in my other.


Karma’s a b!tch.  I got docked points for forgetting a bibliography.

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