Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?

s-l225 (1)While I was able to shower the stink of the day away, the stigma of being a Putty-lover amongst Putty-haters never washed off.

I wanted to show Callie how hot Putty was, so I invited him to meet up with us in Foggy Bottom.

We walked in, and in a private nook to our right, the entire Burr D.C. program (save Peter who was away for the weekend) was there having a grand ole time.

Putty was thrilled to see everyone!  What a f*cking coincidence!

I didn’t see how he was greeted, because I was sent into a blind rage.

I was an outcast, a pariah.  I had fallen from everyone’s good graces and was as bad, if not worse, than Putty.

Callie and I ignored the nook while we drank.  She agreed Putty was cute.

Whether he missed my charm or was being ignored by everyone else, Putty returned to drink with us.  He was beaming.  He thought that was just the coolest thing that we ran into everyone. He really needed to learn how to pick up on social cues.

By this time I had been drinking heavily to numb the pain of being excluded and excused myself to go to the restroom.

Here comes a classic move; one that I’ve done several times since. I realize that I am super drunk, and without telling anybody, catch a cab to get home to bed as soon as possible.

It makes no sense, but at the time it is essential that I flee undetected.  Callie and Putty wondered aloud where I went, and the bartender who had seen me grab my coat and run told them.

This is about a year before cell phones became popular, and there was no way for them to reach me.  Luckily I had done this vanishing act with Callie before.   She and Putty thought it was hysterical and stayed at the bar drinking.

I learned that I wasn’t intentionally left out that night in Foggy Bottom.  I just wasn’t around when they left.  Unlike Putty who they had to crawl under furniture to avoid.

Maybe it was me who needed to pick up on social cues about my crush…

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