Leaving the Party

It was our last couple of weeks with The Congressman’s office, and we got careless with our access privileges.

We had already broken the first rule of reception crashing when Archie caught us at the Conan O’Brien event.  Surprisingly, once Archie knew what we were doing, he got a kick out of seeing where Peter and I could weasel our way into.

To be fair, we didn’t technically violate second rule: “Avoid anything where it says that The Congressman had RSVP’d and was going to be in attendance.”

Still, it would be our undoing.

It started the same as every other evening…

Peter: “Hello, The Congressman and guest”

Host: (Looking at his board)

Host: (Rushing to find someone in charge)

Host: (Rushing back after speaking to someone in charge)

Host: “Wonderful!  The Congressman, you’re here.  We were told you couldn’t make it.  Now you can accept your award in person.”

Host: (Turns away for a moment)

Peter and I: (Running for our dear lives)

Ironically, our last reception was one we didn’t even get to attend.  No more cheese and fruit plates.  No more crappy wine and beer.  No more cocktail napkins with little flags or official seals on them.

We knew this was a sign for it to end.  We called it quits but couldn’t complain.  We had a good run.

Until we had to sprint away.

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