An Idiot Sandwich Joins The Cause



Peter didn’t help a sister out when he got his second internship before I did.  He explained he wasn’t in a solid position to ask if they (I forgot the agency) needed additional interns.


In fact, he got the internship on a technicality.  When they called to offer Peter the job, “Just one question.  Why would someone with your background want to be an intern?”

They thought he was Peter Senior.

His better judgment prevailing, Junior told the moron at the other end the truth.  At that point a decision had been made, so they let him have the internship anyway.

First I tried to get in at the RNC.  During my phone interview, I said I was more Libertarian than Republican and got a snail mail rejection letter quoting my answer and that I was an idiot.

I would not be going on to the second round of interviews.

Luckily, and for some strange reason, Lil’ Rhody had printed out a bunch of applications to various agencies for my second internship when he was living with us during the summer.  When he handed them to me, he prefaced it with, “I don’t know why I’m even helping you.”

Desperate, I searched through Rhody’s stack of applications.  I found one for Blue Bell, a well-funded private conservative think tank.  He probably included this one to get me back for dumping him.

We hear conservative and think Republican.  Oh no.   These weren’t Republicans in the usual sense.  They were hardcore.

They were the Sex Pistols to Clinton’s “Don’t Stop.”  The Clash to Lady Clinton’s “Suddenly I See.”

I suspect most of the women who worked at The Blue Bell Foundation felt bad about abandoning the “Good Wife Guide” and not having a hot toddy or a Harvey Wallbanger ready as their husbands came home.  Anything for the cause though…

I was offered an internship after a two-minute phone interview where they said I was perfect!

Because someone else just quit…

Armed with that high praise, I transitioned to my second internship of the semester working in the Blue Bell’s Government Relations Department.


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